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Delving Into the Science Behind Solidification

Solidification of liquid waste streams, including drilling mud, wet hydro excavation material and tunneling spoils, started out as a very rudimentary process. Dry material (i.e. dry dirt) would be added to wet material (i.e. drilling mud) in order to get a dry (solid) material that was suitable for transportation and disposal.

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Ditch Witch partners with Metaflo Technologies, offering Solidification Reagents

Ditch Witch

Dumping liquid spoils from directional drilling is highly regulated, costly and time consuming. To combat these challenges, Ditch Witch®, a Charles Machine Works Company, has partnered with MetaFLO Technologies to be the exclusive provider of SolidState™ 2 and SolidState™ 6 solidification reagents. This partnership will provide a more accessible and efficient process for the solidification of drilling spoils to an extended network of users and contractors.

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Wet or Dry – MetaFLO Solves Excess Soil Challenges

Our solutions for these challenges have diverted millions of cubic metres of soil from landfill to beneficial reuse applications, reduced the carbon footprint of construction work by thousands of tonnes, eliminated the doubt about where excess soils have been deposited and this has all happened while our solutions have reduced the cost of managing these excess soil inventories.

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Dewatering vs Solidification

Before and after - Labelled

Industry-academic collaborative research projects can be extremely beneficial, especially for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), as they can provide access to not only intellectual expertise, but more importantly, access to advanced laboratory equipment and low cost labour (students). There are numerous funding routes that are available for industry-academic collaborations, which allow SMEs to better leverage their resources and get the most bang-for-their-buck.