by Michael MacDonald Michael MacDonald


The naturally occurring sediment in this storm water management pond had exceeded the pond’s designed capacity. The regional conservation authority planned the remediation of this pond to involve the removal of this sediment. The volume of sediment to be removed was very large, thus the cost to transport and dispose of this wet muck would be very costly. It was determined that on site solidification would be a better option, allowing for the removal of this waste stream as a solid.


A MetaFLO distributor was sourced as the provider of the best value reagent solution, using MF006 requiring a lower reagent dose to meet the required solids criteria for transportation. Additionally, the MF006 proprietary formula is environmentally friendly adding no contaminants / impurities which would diminish the solidified waste’s status for beneficial reuse options.


The MetaFLO distributor received their order and was able to provide product on the next day! MetaFLO personnel visited the site as well to provide guidance on dose rates and best proven methods for application to ensure the client received the best overall value. The project was successfully completed on time.

storm water pond
storm water pond sediment