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metaflo process

MetaFLO has developed a process that solidifies liquid industrial waste streams in a matter of minutes, watch the videos below. The process includes a patented, high volume mixing unit that facilitates the addition of a powdered formulation of absorptive materials to meet environmental solids criteria and stabilize metals and hydrocarbons. The process can be applied as a mobile waste processing unit or in-situ for high volume continuous batch waste streams.

The specialized mixing equipment blends the powdered reagents homogeneously with the liquid waste stream. The sodium bentonite clay has an ionic charge and as the clay expands from the moisture, the metals and organics flow between the platelets and are bound by the ionic exchange. The super absorbent polymer then wicks off the excess moisture and the clay contracts, encapsulating the contaminants so they will not leach. This resultant mixture will now meet solids criteria and can safely go to landfill directly from the generator site or after water treatment at a transfer station.

We have designed many different reagents for the many different applications, here are a few below. We are able to design a reagent mixture specifically for your waste stream, please contact us for more details.

MetaFLO MF002 (SolidState 2)

Designed to work in conjunction with a LMS mixing unit and is used for the solidification and stabilization of drill fluids. MF002 is designed for use on drill fluid or similar waste that fails the Paint Filter Test PFT and Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure TCLP for Heavy Metals.

MetaFLO MF006 (SolidState 6)

MF006 is a proprietary solidification reagent used with non-pumpable materials and is ideal with MetaFLO mixer equipment delivery system or bucket mixing of semi solids. It has been proven very effective in the solidification of drill cuttings, drilling mud, hydrovac mud and industrial sludge.

MetaFLO MF008

The MF008 reagent, engineered to work in conjunction with MetaFLO’s mixing unit, is ideal for solidifying oil based drill cuttings. MF008 is non-hazardous, non-toxic, chemically inert and consists of naturally occurring minerals. The typical dosages for MF008 is less than 3% w/w and it has been proven to be a superior product to traditional bulking agents such as sawdust.