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Liquid Waste Disposal with the MetaFLO LMS 3

The MetaFLO LMS 3 is most commonly used by Environmental Services or Directional Drilling organizations. Its compact design allows it to be moved to the jobsite in a pickup truck, small trailer, or flatbed truck. Operating the LMS 3 on site reduces material handling costs, reduces site traffic improves safety and ensures the generator stays in compliance. This technology will create a stackable solid and give the operator the ability to provide accurate total liquid waste generated information from the site.

Metaflo LSM 3
Metaflo LSM 3

Our MetaFLO LMS 3 model for the treatment of liquid waste is available in gas, electric, diesel or hydraulic power sources.

  • Capacity of 20 m3 of liquid waste per hour 5400 – 6000 gallons (90 to 100 gal/min)
  • Equipped with Nano-Shear technology for thorough, homogeneous mixture
  • Ideally suited for HDD applications, oil & gas drilling and mine tailings
  • For HDD applications, mobile units may be accompanied by simple solids removal bins, removing the requirement for vacuum truck assistance
  • Compact design allows it to be moved in a pickup truck or small flatbed truck to the jobsite
  • Power options include gas, diesel or electric or hydraulic.

MetaFLO LMS 3 Site Layout

This design represents a possible layout. LMS setup varies based on actual site layouts.

Site Layout - LMS 300 General - Overhead - with labels
Site Layout - LMS 300 General - Mountain Lot - No Labels_Camera_Camera 5