by Michael MacDonald Michael MacDonald


MetaFLO’s licensee was contracted to provide service on a large Ontario gas distribution upgrade project. Nearly 50 bores were drilled using horizontal directional drilling technology to complete this upgrade. MetaFLO’s licensee was required to process the resulting liquid waste which totaled more than 500,000 gallons of directional drill mud.


In order to find optimal final disposal costs, the MetaFLO licensee sourced a reclamation project in need of beneficial reuse clean fill centrally located for the drill sites. Operating under the required permits, our licensee used their mobile MetaFLO LMS 3 to perform HDD mud solidification for the non-hazardous waste drill fluid. As a result, our clients enjoyed reduced cost for transportation and disposal, reduced risk by eliminating many trucks and transportation of liquid waste over the road and were compliant with all provincial liquid waste management regulations.


The non-contaminated drill mud was successfully treated with an average reagent dose of under 1.5% (by weight) eliminating the need for further liquid waste treatment. An estimated 1,000 hours of trucking were eliminated as well. Because the treated solids met requirements for beneficial reuse, we were able to prevent the unnecessary landfilling and associated cost to our client of approximately 5,000m3 of clean soil.

Aecon Case Treated mud
Aecon Case HDD mud solidification
Aecon Case Treated mud
Aecon Case PDM LMS 3 on site
Aecon Case Worker Operator standing on solidified mud