by Michael MacDonald Michael MacDonald


Drilling waste in BC in need of solidification at remote mountain top site. Drilling mud produced near slopes estimated at greater than 28⁰ restricting mobility and truck access. Project deadline was constrained by heavy rain prior to mobilization and wildlife migration and fisheries preservation. Thin layers of gravel-like natural soil provided inadequate soil properties for mix-bury-cover site processing.


MetaFLO’s technology offered space savings suitable to the site. Additionally, by applying MetaFLO’s patented high shear solidification process, the difficult residual drill waste could be managed for compliant mix-bury-cover. The challenge of managing the drill waste would otherwise have made the whole drilling operation cost prohibitive.


Project was completed in required timeframe. The expertise of CCI and Talisman crews working with MetaFLO technology produced a solidified material surpassing all regulatory requirements.