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Liquid Waste Management Ontario

The Most Environmentally Friendly Liquid Waste Solution in Ontario

Your customers care about the environment. MetaFLO’s liquid waste management solution is superior to traditional disposal methods because it simplifies the process so that the net result is a safer, more environmentally sound, and more cost effective solution that helps to better manage control and compliance.

Conventional liquid waste management solutions add volume to liquid waste by adding elements like sawdust, fly ash or lime dust. MetaFLO’s patented solution however reduces waste volumes by 50-300% using liquid waste solidification reagents. For our clients this means fewer trucks, reduced fuel costs, and lower GHG emissions.

Reduce Liquid Waste Management Costs By Up To 60% Using MetaFLO's Patented Process!

How, you ask? It’s simple. We convert liquid waste to a stackable solid that takes up less space. In fact, our engineered solidification reagents can reduce waste volumes by 50 – 300%. By reducing volume, half as many trucks are required to move it. Since all the liquid processing happens on site, trips to the landfill will be direct, saving on both fuel and project time.

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Revolutionary Liquid Waste Removal

MetaFLO uses organic, environmentally safe chemical reagents to solidify liquid waste. Compared to traditional approaches that use expensive Vacuum trucks, our patented process slashes greenhouse gas emissions by as much as two-thirds, and costs by as much as 60%. Regardless of the job, we have the optimal reagent composition designed for your waste stream—to ensure we deliver the cleanest, safest environmental outcome possible.

Industrial Liquid Waste Solutions for Ontario and Its Cities

MetaFLO technology was designed to minimize impact on the environment. It meets, if not exceeds even Ontario’s regulatory requirements for liquid waste management. Why? Because we never use large pits to contain fluid until the pit de-waters. Nor do we use high-emission vacuum trucks to remove waste liquids or to ship them —since the liquid never leaves the site. MetaFLO is proud to serve businesses in Toronto, Ottawa, Mississauga, Brampton, Hamilton, and many other cities in Ontario.

The Secret Behind MetaFLO’s Liquid Waste Management System

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