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Automated Soil Tracking

SoilFLO is an automated, comprehensive solution to manage all aspects of excess soil movement, disposal, record keeping and compliance.

soilflo truck

The process includes a patented, high volume mixing unit that facilitates the addition of a powdered formulation of absorptive materials to meet environmental solids criteria and stabilize metals and hydrocarbons. The process can be applied as a mobile waste processing unit or in-situ for high volume continuous batch waste streams.

SoilFLO provides project owners, contractors, QPs, and disposal site owners with:

  • Real time, cradle-to-grave soil tracking
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Archival storage
  • Digital, Mobile, Cloud based
  • Enhanced opportunity for the beneficial re-use of excess soil

Future Assurance Against Regulatory Changes

SoilFLO provides users with access to real-time reporting, GPS tracking of the waste source and destination, tracking of the hauler and time travelled, and the ELIMINATION of paper tickets.

Immediate Cost and Time Savings

  • Visibility into your excess soils management
  • Increased predictability eliminates all current inefficiencies
  • Delivers a 97% reduction in time spent managing excess soil (more time on the road for drivers)
  • Reduces transaction costs

The Current Paper-based Process

Conventionally, Excess Soil Dump Sites operating in Ontario utilize a paper ticket process as seen below:

Our New AUTOMATED Process

By Utilizing SoilFLO, the modern-day Dump Site is able to drastically reduce time and costs related to truckload accounting and ticket reconciliation, while increasing productivity and adherence to MOE guidelines.