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Oil and Gas

MetaFLO not only offers technology to solidify water-based liquid waste, we can also solidify oil-based and brine-based drill cuttings that’s commonly found in exploratory oil and gas drilling. Sawdust is the most common bulking agent used in traditional treatment; however, MetaFLO’s proprietary solidification reagent can be dosed typically in the 2-3% w/w range, whereas sawdust is typically dosed at significantly higher dosage. MetaFLO also offers patented mixing equipment that can homogenously blend the reagent into the drill cuttings at an accurate dosage as well as in a continuous manner. As a result, there is minimal volume expansion, which means less transportation is also needed to dispose of the solidified material compared with using sawdust.

How does MetaFLO help?

Gas Exploration Invert Mud Solidification

The MetaFLO waste solidification solution is ideal for very remote sites with many tonnes of invert liquid drilling waste in need of disposal. Most sites are many hours from the nearest liquid waste disposal site and are only accessible by winter roads. This makes disposal options were very costly.

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Collect cuttings on the site or treated as generated.

MetaFLO provides turnkey solutions to process the liquids resulting in a stackable, easy to ship solid while adding a very low dosage of MetaFLO’s newly developed organics solidification reagent. These ‘invert muds’ have historically required costly transportation and disposal as a liquid slurry by vacuum truck and bulking.

MetaFLO can successfully treat these oil-based drill cuttings with less than 3% (by weight) eliminating the need for liquid waste treatment resulting in a savings of greater than 30% over historical methods of treatment.  Additionally, this innovative invert mud solidification solution reduces the number of truck hours by approximately 60 and prevented thousands of pounds of CO2 emissions.  This is accomplished by transporting less material in larger dump trucks – there is far also less risk than transporting liquids in vacuum tankers to a distant liquid waste treatment facility.

Drill Mud Sump

Drilling results in large volumes of oil and gas exploration drilling fluid that are often stored in drill mud sump to be solidified.  Often this is accompanied by severe weather conditions, extreme cold and long distances to a liquids disposal site that make liquid transport and disposal costs extremely high.  When treated with the MetaFLO liquid waste solidification process the solid waste achieves the required paint filter solids criteria and is able to save many hours of transportation.

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